We started The Grit and Co. out of recognition that our world is getting darker and harder every day. That people are becoming more lost and hopeless, and lives without purpose have taken the place of lives with passion and meaning. It feels like everywhere we look, values are eroding, strength is shamed, lies have become truth, the family unit is under attack, and faith in God is mocked. 

Hopelessness, depression, and complacency have taken root in the hearts of many as they seek to secure their identity through a world in a state of entropy, apart from God. 

Our faith in Jesus Christ is the foundation for all we are and all we do. We were made in the image of Almighty God and His nature, and that nature, is multi-faceted.

Our God is all parts, a warrior, lover, poet, father, bridegroom, sage, adventurer, protector, and provider, among many other incredible attributes. We as humans were made in that image, and at our best, we embody and model these characteristics.

However, we live in a fallen world that seeks to break men and women down to fit what evil, and many in our society feel, best fits the modern man and woman. 

Enter attacks on faith, on the traditional family unit, on men, fathers, on masculinity, on mothers, on women, on children, on traditional values, on identity, and on and on. Anything to neuter and destroy those things resembling the Nature of God. The more harmless and submissive the individual, the more acceptable they become. We believe we were called for a greater purpose, for such a time as this. To maximize our God given potential on this earth, to uphold his word and his will, and in so doing, shine light in the darkness, that others might know Him. 

Our desire through The Grit and Co. is that we build a community of individuals that seek to live their lives with the same convictions and passion, who understand that evil must be met with strength, and that we live our lives as a light on a hill.

The pursuit of these things truly takes Grit, they must be fought for, and this is what we fight for everyday.

As C.S. Lewis wrote, "No, He is not safe, but He is good". Our roles and actions within this world as a servant of Christ, may sometimes feel bold, dangerous, and counter-culture in comparison to the passive, corrupt, and woke mindset permeating our society, nation, world, and even churches.

We walk by faith, but we live in a physical world, both survival and success in that world, demands that we train ourselves and stay prepared. We strive to train ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

We are far from perfect, we've fallen and we've failed. We won't stop getting up, we won't stop learning, one thing we know for sure, our mission is clear:

To serve and lead in our world with conviction and heart, that we would be a light that shines in the darkness.