This world has an endless appetite for evil, and so many are hell bent on feeding it. Year after year, generation after generation, the goal posts for what is good and acceptable move and the line between what is right and virtuous becomes all the more blurred.

Good demands that evil be met with uncompromising resolve. Men and women must stand in the gap between right and wrong. Popular opinion must not sway decision making, and the angry cries of the mob must not break the spirits of those who know that the line must be held. 

I know that the future of this country, and the future of my children and theirs after them rest, at least to some extent, in the hands of those unwilling to break formation. 

Don't cave to the angry insults of those who's unsatisfiable desires for their own selfish gratification, would have you submitted and silenced. 

Stand unshaken and do not be discouraged. 

Hold The Line. 

August 06, 2023 — Jon Michaud